Stop being busy and start GETTING SH!T DONE.


The GSD Club is your hub for productivity, inspiration and motivation.

We bring together some of the best speakers in your city and spend a few hours sharing how to get things done and challenging you to be different. The GETTING SH!T DONE Club is all about improving the way we get work done, regardless of gender or country, sector or seniority. It’s a network of people who want to get better at being themselves.

What it is

A half-day personal development-palooza with content that’s all killer, no filler. Practical, actionable, inspiring, motivating delivered by speakers who have been there and done that. It will have crowd-sourced insights – that’s right, we want you to share your ideas on what works at work with your peers. Truly interactive sessions where you will learn how to be more productive, how to stop time wasting habits and ‘that’s what we’ve always done’ in its tracks.

You’ll gain fresh perspectives and ideas on how you can do things differently, better and in line with your own goals and purpose. Importantly, you’ll also learn how to help others be more productive, find their flow and do their best work.

  • How to build a great team? Tick

  • How to navigate a new leadership role? Tick

  • How to tap into your emotional intelligence to improve your relationships and outcomes? Tick

That’s right, we’re ticking boxes but not as you know it!

All of this for just $75


  • we want you to be able to transform the way you get things done for less than $100

  • we hate it when conferences charge silly money to attend and we want you to bring your friends along

  • we don’t want you to have to get a business case approved

  • all the stuff you get in conference bags goes in the bin

  • we know you’re busy and time is the most precious thing you have

For this small investment in yourself you’ll get to:

enjoy five fired up presenters

Five practitioners who have walked a mile in your shoes and know what works

Hang out at a cool PLACE

Because if you’re uninspired by the venue it sets the tone for the rest of the event

network and share stories

Because you’re in a room full of people dedicated to improving themselves

join our tribe of doers

Links to a network of people who value common sense and productivity, just like you

What it’s not

A corporate conference.

A death by powerpoint snooze fest.

A place to gain points for something you’ve been using for years.

A sales showcase, where you’re pestered to visit stands.