We’re here to help you GET SH!T DONE.

The GETTING SH!T DONE Club is here to help you do exactly that. Our events will inspire you to get sh!t done, and give you the tools and techniques to make it ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

Our expert speakers know the roadblocks you face, and they feel your pain. Even better, they can help!

So get inspired, take action, and GET SH!T DONE!

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Tuesday 12th November 2019

TIME: 1:00pm–5:00pm
VENUE: Auditorium 2, State Library of Queensland

Proceeds from this event will go directly to Queensland charity Zephyr Foundation which helps children affected by domestic violence to get back to school.



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So Who is this event for??

It’s for you. Yes, you and probably most of your friends too. You might be:

  • In full-time employment
  • In part-time employment
  • Self-employed
  • Looking for work
  • Taking a break
  • Wondering what to do next
  • Retired

Regardless of your status, you’ll be:

  • Looking for inspiration
  • Looking for help
  • Looking to meet like-minded people
  • Ready to hear a different message
  • In need of an energetic lift
  • Looking for a few laughs

Like we said, it’s for you.

Colin Ellis

let’s cut the sh!t about agile

Agile is the latest corporate 'fad' that CEOs are insisting on.

According to a recent survey 51% of organisations implemented agile because the CEO said so, not because it added value to the way things get done!

In the wrong hands, agile will fail like all other delivery fads before it, but with a change in behaviours and a commitment to doing things differently, agile can work. In this energetic and informative speech, I'll tell you how you and your organisation can do it well!


Nikki Fogden-Moore

Mastering the art of sustainable success: How to get out of your own way and get Sh!t done

Known as The Mojo Maker© for high achievers, Nikki specialises in working with super driven individuals and companies to find the ultimate blend of healthy, wealthy and wise for effortless success. She'll teach you how to go from chaos to calm, how to buckle up, thrive and enjoy the ride in today's overloaded world. The no excuses proven road map for modern leaders in life.

Author of VITALITY and FITPRENEUR and her new book #ADULTING, Nikki is a sought-after speaker, mentor and motivator who will make you sit up and take notice of your sh!t and get back in the drivers seat fast!


Ritchie Gibson


Ritchie Gibson is the author of Be You. Be Great - a book written from the heart with a healthy dose of Get Off Your Arse (GOYA) that will help you to Get Sh!T Done (see what we’ve done here?). Ritchie is a true motivator who believes we all have the potential to master the skills we need to pursue the life we want - provided we’re willing to do the work.

Having distinguished himself with 12 years active service in the Australian Army, Ritchie knows what it means to operate with a high level of personal responsibility while building and leading teams. His passion for inspiring others to create their own legacy of leadership is evident in the keynotes he delivers for organisations and teams around the world. Whatever your sector or skill level, Ritchie’s mindset-changing message is universal and will resonate will anyone who wants to get sh!t done now and in the future.


Mel Kettle

How to step away from the screen so you CAN GET SH!T DONe

The irony of our increasingly connected world is that we are becoming more disconnected than we ever have before. The access we have to technology is increasing our digital distraction, and we are spending around 12 hours a day on our phones, watching Netflix and staring at computer screens.

Not only are we forgetting how to connect with ourselves, our families, friends, co-workers, clients and community, we’re also getting a lot less shi!t done. At work, poor relationships with our people mean we have lower productivity and smaller profits.

In this session, communication expert Mel Kettle will share tips, tactics and tricks to help you step away from the screen so you can become reconnected in a human way, and get sh!t done!



Thank you to the good people at Clicks IT Recruitment for partnering with us on this event and allowing us to maximise the donation to charity.

If you're looking for top talent in the tech market and recruitment that adds value to your business then give Clicks a call.


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